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Wielslotboutverwijderset BMW/Mini met slagtrekker


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- For loosening the wheel lock locking bolt
- 3-claw puller
- 315mm sliding rod with 1,35Kg hammer
- Operating key with special external profile
- 100% process-safe operation
- Suitable for all BMW and MINI wheel lock locking screws with rotating outer ring
- BMW and MINI install a wheel-lock locking bolt with a rotating outer ring, which prevents the bolt from being opened from the outside without authorisation.
However, if the original wheel lock release key is defective or lost, the screw can only be removed with great effort, if at all.
Very often the rim is damaged.
High costs and dissatisfied workshop customers are the result.
- By attaching a 3-claw puller, the front part of the wheel lock bolt is pulled off without making contact with the rim.
A special wrench is then driven into the existing inner profile and the bolt is unscrewed without damaging any other components.
The reliable working process results in a high saving of time and costs.

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